Top 9 World’s Worst Logos Redesigned by Emanuele Abrate

We don’t think too much about brand logos but their influence is so much greater than we know. The Italian graphic designer Emanuele Abrate took on himself to fix some of the worst logos in the history of time. Having this idea for years in his head, he was inspired by people’s criticism of unclear messages some of these logos send. In his project ‘the worst logos ever, redesigned’ he says: “I wanted to keep the concept unchanged, working on the negative space and enhancing the figure of the pagoda. I was trying to figure out how I would approach them if they were really commissioned to me.” Such an endeavor gave him new insights, “now understanding that design is not only aesthetic but, above all, it’s about problem-solving.” On the topic of how to create the best logo, Abrate told Bored Panda in an interview: “Best logos are those that manage to indelibly enter people’s minds through simplicity and that manage to create an effective and coherent visual ecosystem with the brand they represent.” Do you think Abrate did a good job redesigning his top 9 of the worsts? Do some seem to be too bad to be fixable while still ‘keeping the concept unchanged’?

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Image credits: Emanuele Abrate

It’s just a dentist and his patient on a chair

It’s… Not a safe place.

Mr. Emanuele Abrate really did a good job picking the worst logos ever


Not even he could save this one. “I wanted to keep the concept unchanged.”

How could they not see it?

Baked with Love



Everyone knows this is a no-no


This one must have been on purpose