London Will Soon Have the First Infinity Pool Atop a Skyscraper

The skyline of London may soon get another ingenious piece of architecture. It’s no ordinary skyscraper; this one will be the host of a unique rooftop pool, a four-sided infinity pool that has a 360° view of the city. Conceived by Compass Pools, this architectural marvel is believed to be the first of its kind; used as a focal point with the entire building built around it. Users of this brilliant design will have the feeling of floating 650 feet or 55 stories above the ground. To fully achieve this effect, Compass Pools will use acrylic instead of glass construction; this is because acrylic is similar in wavelength to water, and as such the pool will appear perfectly clear. Of course, the floor will also be transparent just like the walls, so observers will be able to see swimmers relaxing and swimming. Probably, the most exhilarating part is the entry/exit. It is based on a submarine door; visitors will enter the pool through a spiral staircase that coupled with the door mentioned earlier, will rise from the pool floor.For more details on this spectacular architectural project, stop by Compass Pools on their website.


A majestic future addition to the London skyline

It’s as if the man and plane are flying together!

What an astounding place to relax this will be


An amethyst on top of the world

via [mymodernmet]