Kiwi the Colorful Parrot and his Goth Girlfriend Just Had 4 Adorable Baby Birds

Internet sensation, the two most lovable feathery couple in the world – Kiwi and Siouxsie are now beautiful parents. When 19-year-old Maura T. Hennelly posted the story about her two gorgeous birds on twitter, hearts were melted and won over. It was the year 2017 when Maura felt like her rainbow parakeet named Kiwi was feeling sad and lonely. She immediately got him a girl parrot to hang out, but there was no spark between them. Not until Kiwi met the love of his life – Siouxsie. She was a completely opposite to Kiwi, all dark and gothic. But it was a love at first sight. They were inseparable and the world loved them so much. Now they brought 4 baby birds to this world and they are exactly what you would imagine. A mix of goth and rainbow feathers! Make sure to check out Instagram aka Petstagram where you can see more from Maura and her adorable pet friends, including turtles, hedgehogs, dogs, cats, spiders and even Devils flower mantis.

Maura T. Hennelly with her parrots Kiwi and Siouxsie


Kiwi was at the beginning the only parrot

But he was lonely and sad


Until he met the love of his life

His goth girlfriend Siouxsie


They are inseparable

And with such great love it was only a matter of time

When the little cute family will start to expand


Together they’ve had 4 babies

And they’re half colorful like Kiwi and half Goth like their mama


via [boredpanda]