Sphynx Kitten with Hydrocephalus Survives Against all Odds to Live Happy Life – Lucy The Bat Cat

Meet an extraordinary sphynx kitty, a survivor named Lucy. Zilla Bergamini is her owner, and thanks to this angel-kind lady, Lucy is now alive, healthy and happy. She was only two months old when Zilla asked to adopt her. It was known that Lucy had a rare neurological condition – hydrocephalus. Before Lucy arrived at her new home in Haifa, Israel, Bergamini did her research right, learning everything she could about the condition. But troubles begin immediately. The first vet said that it wouldn’t even be worth performing the surgery on Lucy, but that didn’t discourage her owner to take care of her and love her. The first few days were extremely hard, even though Lucy had 2 rescue cats in the house to keep her company, she still cried the entire time. Strangely, another problem occurred. Lucy hadn’t emptied her bowels for days. The first vet didn’t seem to believe that and only noticed that the cat must take eye drops for the rest of her life. The second vet finally had taken care of the problem. “She practically leaked poop 24/7 for more than two weeks straight. I was putting her to sleep in a tiny baby diaper and I was always holding her,” Bergamini said. The hydrocephalus also has made her skull grow in an unusual shape, leading to the irritation of corneas. Thanks to the second vet the eye problem was fixed and Lucy is now in no need for eye drops ever again.

Lucy’s life now? Awesome. Playing, cuddling, watching birds through windows, and enjoying people’s company. “She loves going out,” Zilla shared. “She sits in a baby stroller or inside a bag and enjoys the view. Every time we go out, she tries to sneak inside one of the two.” Her health is great thanks to her owner who searched for the best vets in the country and never stopped at the bad news. “She is more delicate than a ‘normal’ cat. But it isn’t always a death sentence. Like humans, pets can have disabilities but live happy lives and they can give as much love as any other pet, if not more.”

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Say hello to the amazing Lucy!

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An extraordinary sphynx kitty, a survivor with a rare neurological condition – Hydrocephalus

Due to Hydrocephalus, her skull is grew into an unusual shape giving her problems with her eyes (irritation of corneas)

People say she looks like a bat, yet she’s a beautiful kitten that everyone loves!


“She loves going out,” her owner shared. “She sits in a baby stroller or inside a bag and enjoys the view.

In the beginning, Lucy had a lot of health issues

But thanks to her owner, after searching for the best vets in the country, Lucy is now healthy and happy

And she’s a superstar on Instagram

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