Dad Draws Delightful Notes for His Son Every Day Before He Goes to Kindergarten

One little boy just started Kindergarten and his daddy’s brilliant artist and a great father. When Andre Guerra was a kid his mother always wrote him notes in his lunchbox, and now the tables have turned for Andre. It’s his time to be a proud parent and he decided to continue this beautiful tradition his mother started so many years ago. Below you can see delightful notes he’s been creating for his little boy for the first 10 days of school. As you can see the little guy really loves Mario. Andre Guerra is studying art, web design, and graphic design. He’s open for freelance projects and art commissions as he stated on his Instagram where you can enjoy more of his charming work.

These are the notes Andre Guerra, a proud father draws for his little son


Every day before school he leaves them in his son’s lunchbox

Many years ago Andre’s mother did the same thing to him when he was a child

And he wished to carry on this beautiful family tradition


Andre’s studying web and graphic design

And he’s open to freelance projects and commisions

Check out the rest of the notes on his Instagram


via [boredpanda]