Distinctive and Beautiful in Their Own Way “Werewolf Cats” Are Becoming Very Popular as Pets Across the World

Possibly the most esoteric and mysterious of all the cat breeds looking like they are just fallen out of a Tim Burton or a Harry Potter film these unusual and striking cats have only been around for a few years. The Lykoi, also referred to as the “werewolf cat”, is a natural mutation from a domestic short-haired cat. Lykoi has a similar appearance of a werewolf, hence its nickname. The name Lykoi Cat roughly means Wolf Cat in Greek. This natural mutation is said to have occurred in domestic cats for the past two decades. The five founding cats came from two unrelated litters. This litter was born in July 2010. and the mother was a normal black domestic short-hair cat. Numerous tests were carried out on the cats to determine whether they have any health problems or diseases that could have caused the mutation. It was discovered that the cats come from a natural mutation and the Lykoi breeding program began. In September 2011, the first-ever Lykoi to Lykoi breeding cat was born. In 2012, the Lykoi cat has presented to The International Cat Association (TICA) registry and was passed to a “registration only” status by unanimous consent. The Lykoi cat is now recognized as a TICA Championship Breed and can compete as of May 2017.

The coloration is not found in any other cat breed so is completely unique to a Lykoi. They are born with a solid color and as they get older and start to shed, they will grow equal amounts of solid white and solid black hair.

The first Lykoi to be born in the breeding program was on the 14th of September, 2011, and is named Gobsgobblins Daciana Dream.

Lykoi cats are not hypoallergenic.

They tend to shed and can even go bald from time to time.

Lykoi cats need to be kept inside. Do not allow cats to be outside in the sun or cold for long periods of time. Short outdoor walks are ideal.

Their skin tends to react to heat and light so if they spend a few hours in the sun or sleep on a heated surface, they will begin to freckle.

A Lykoi has the same skin as us, which means that if you are comfortable in your home then your Lykoi cat will be as well.

[via lykoielitefelines]