Maddie the Coonhound – Best Friend and Traveling Companion of One Professional Photographer

For the past decade, photographer Theron Humphrey has been adventuring with this best friend, Maddie the Coonhound. They take plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and moments with their human pals. Through Humphrey’s photographs, it’s clear that a home is wherever the two are together. Humphrey showcases Maddie living her best life; she’ll snooze in a camping chair, sprawl on in a field of wildflowers, and find her moment of zen wrapped up in bedsheets. In each photo, she’s perfectly content enjoying these simple moments in the solitude of rural America. Scroll down and take a look at these lovely photos of Maddie and be sure to follow her and Theron Humphrey on Instagram.

Theron Humphrey was born and raised in coastal North Carolina; it’s the sort of place with sandy soil you can’t forget.


He traversed all 50 states + met his best friend Maddie the Coonhound.

The beautiful pup became famous years ago thanks to her affinity for standing on everything – from giant watermelons to playground equipment.


Nowadays, there is less standing, but she and Humphrey are still traveling.

Annual Montana self-portrait

Although there is a book based on Maddie balancing on different objects, Humphrey more often captures her being a “lazy” coonhound.


“Only pizza holder I trust. I adore going into the backcountry and finding an amazing camping & hiking spots, but some of my favorite moments and images come from every day, maybe even the mundane. Like sitting on a stoop eating pizza with friends, hard to beat,” – Humphrey wrote on his Instagram.


Arizona Fly

“If Maddie ever releases a country album I got her cover dialed.”


Working from home.

“Right around this time last year my dear friend Maddie was diagnosed with cancer, it was one of those moments you start trying to make bargains with the universe, somehow thinking life is off schedule. But today the good news is that my dear speckled friend is healthy, running hard, enjoying life like only dogs can do. And likely most important we now know that today is enough. It’s what we’ve been given and all is on schedule.”



Staying warm.


Staying safe.

“Something to behold.”

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