Magic Revealed Behind 3D Art by Astonishing Stefan Pabst

Tips and tricks, masterpieces, experience, the satisfaction that art gives back, Stefan Pabst has it all! Professional artist, born in Russia, now living in Germany aims to inspire people, teach, and share his vast knowledge. Magic of painting, illusions, and realism, it all blends in a perfect 3D painting – a true masterpiece. It’s museum quality and Stefan keeps on giving. You can watch both on Instagram and YouTube his tutorials, time-lapses (speed painting) of his creations. You will see the magic behind his process, Stefan will tell all his tricks to help you do this on your own. He works with pencils, oils, and pens, and often he brings portraits to life in an incredibly realistic fashion. The full-time artist got noticed first by his classmates who wished he’d do a portrait of them. Today he’s getting requests by famous actors, singers, sports stars and even politicians.

When you’re so good that your own painting scares you!

Stefan Pabst is a world-class professional painter who aims to inspire young artists

…just painting paint…

On Instagram/YouTube you can watch a speed-video – a making-of – for this painting on cardboard

Naah, it’s bad, it’s ‘Leaning ‘


Incredible composition

Just pick it up and film

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope…

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