Magical Amsterdam Under Heavy Snowfall

Cities under the heavy snow always look magical as places only seen in fairy tales. Gabriel Guita is a passionate photographer, web designer and web developer from Amsterdam and he had a dream to capture his home city in the most glorious winter fashion. In his Amsterdam series, you can see the most famous trademark places from the first snowflake until the very last heavy fall. Gabriel managed to capture silent cold nights with city lights fighting the giant snowflake attack. There are photos during the day, and night, at the beginning with very little snow on the streets and at the end when every bicycle and car in the city was completely covered by snow. Frizzy ice-cold canal and beautiful boathouses and a boat ride through this exceptionally beautiful weather and much more can be seen thanks to a very skilled homeboy Guita. You can check his Instagram page or even his official site for more of his amazing photographs.

Amstedam, Holland – Photographs by Gabriel Guita

Amsterdam-based photographer combined his love towards his city and photography

to capture magical winter wonderland udner heavy snowfall.

Gabriel took pictures of the most famous places in Amsterdam

2500 houseboats are floating in canals of Amsterdam

Even on this freezing weather people still ride bikes.

via [boredpanda]