Majestic “Catriarch” and His Personal Photographer – Kristina Makeeva

Once again we featured glorious Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva, but this time someone else stole the spotlight. Yes, we’ll still talk about Makeeva’s magical artwork, although the real star here is – Kotleta (Cutlet), her ginger cat. This kind sir is a red cat of the Maine Coon breed. Conqueror looking six-year-old quickly won the hearts of the Russian and world audience with his royal charisma. That’s the reason why they also call him Catriarch. Another special quality Kotleta possess is calmness. He tolerates glasses and hats, gently crosses the petals and leaves, sits in a pose and knows commands. So, the only secret behind those magnificent photos of Kotleta is actually Makeeva’s quick reaction because above everything, he’s a cat and they cannot be forced to do something, but our experienced photograph can do a certain sequence of actions so that he thinks that it was all his decisions. We’re sure you’ll enjoy scrolling through our gallery and in case you still didn’t, follow Kristina Makeeva on Instagram and check out her website.

“He is a quite phlegmatic cat, and that helps me in making compositions.”

“On the street or in other areas he simply doesn’t go anywhere – he sits wherever you put him.”

“Of course, we know how to keep his attention with different tasty things, and what to do that he would look at the right direction.”

“At home, he can sit with a cap on his head for two minutes.”

“But after two minutes, Kotleta gets annoyed by any object worn on him, so if you don’t have time, you need to wait for the next opportunity.”

His Highness.

Through her photography, Makeeva hopes to show as many readers as possible the magic in ordinary things.

She certainly did.

via [boredpanda]