Ordinary People Illustrated as Manga-Like Characters in Fantastic Fashion by Toonimated Draws

Toonimated draws’ Instagram page contains all of their magnificent manga-like illustrations of ordinary people. Strangers to the artist, basically anyone in the world could be transformed into a stunning visualization as seen in these cute drawings down below. Based on photographs sent by you talented artist behind Toonimated draws will create adorable manga version of you, often with added delicate magical details to enhance the majestic finishes. You can check their work on Instagram of course or see on their official page if their accepting commissions at the moment, which they are for the holidays. You can also support this amazing artist by becoming a patron enabling Toonimated draws to focus more on the craft itself providing us a more of this fantastic content plus you’ll receive many goodies and rewards.

Manga Illustrations by Toonimated Draws

Gorgeous glowing hair!

You can send your picture and receive back an adorable manga version of you

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They are accepting commissions for holidays

via [boredpanda]