Impressive 1 Street Photographs to Capture Essence of Different Cities

Only 1 street, only one photograph is all that Manu Grinspan will use in his new project to capture the essence of entire cities. Small towns and stunning metropolises all summed by one small DNA in a form of a perfect street. Grinspan chooses the one street that attracts him the most, the one with the most dramatic/cinematic story, “the one where its visitors are in perfect harmony with its lights and shadows”. Check out Grinspan’s Instagram for more of his work. Also if you like beautiful photographs of different cities we’ve written about other photographers as well, capturing Amsterdam as winter slowly approaches its borders, and atmospheric streets at night under fluorescent lights in cities of Hamburg and Toronto.

Manu Grinspan’s unique project called ‘1 Street’

He chooses only 1 street to resemble the essence of the entire city

Israel, Jaffa

The best streets are the ones with the most dramatic/cinematic stories

The ones that attract him the most

When visitors are in perfect harmony with its lights & shadows

via [fubiz]