23 Marble Nail Art Ideas with Wow Effect

Having a marble effect on your nail is one of the most popular styles that you can try, if you still haven’t. It is absolutely gorgeous and creates a wow effect on your nails effortlessly. Have you already succeeded in ombre nails? Then you can definitely diy marble nail art all by yourself. All you need are a base coat, an accent color, some polish remover, and a thin nail art brush. When selecting the colours, you don’t need to go for gray and white like a kitchen countertop but try 3 of your favourite colours to create your unique marble art. Pastel tones that go with each other beautifully can be your first try as a start. Then watching one or two tutorial videos can help you pluck up your courage. The design is absolutely random so it is almost impossible to mess up the process, so be brave. Now you need to see some photo-ideas to start the work. Take a scroll through our gallery of the most brilliant marble designs on Instagram first. If you’re still unsure of how to make it work on your nails, book a salon appointment and have that marbled look done by a professional.

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