Marshmallow – Goofy Silkie Chicken Adventures

Say hello to Marshmallow! She’s a chicken of a special breed known as Silkie. The owner describes Marshmallow as: “a bit physically challenged and mentally simple. Even for a chicken.” Silkie chickens are small but extremely fluffy birds. They’re super friendly and too goofy for their own good. Dodo birds have extinct for the same quality as Silkie chickens have. They are completely and dully fearless. They are clumsy, slow, easy to catch and they never run away from their predators. WyrmsWorks on Imgur has shared a daily adventure of Marshmallow and its story is adored by everyone. As owner talks about the breed in general: “They’re bred to be less physically capable so they’re easy to contain, and they’re also bred to be very calm and trusting, with no emphasis on maintaining normal survival capabilities. They will get themselves killed one way or another. They are special needs as far as chickens go. As long as they’re kept safe they make perfect pets, though.” Make sure to follow the life of Marshmallow if you’re any interested in seeing her evading her unwanted Silkie lover Waffle.

My name is Marshmallow and I’m a Silkie Chicken


My owner couldn’t find me for more than an hour!

I was in a trashcan.

My Silkie pal Waffle has a crush on me and I’m trying to evade him


Now I’m bathing in wet dirt. I know, I’m completely white.

But not anymore.

Did you say bath?



I like warm bath, though.

Just hate the cold aftermath

He’s getting onto me again. Even when I look like this. Maybe he’s not that bad.

I used a blow dryer. I’m fluffy again.


We had our fun in the dirt and slept like babies. Waffle’s a cool Silkie cock. I like him. He could be the one.

via [boredpanda]