Marvelous and Super-Heroic Art by Derek Laufman

It’s almost impossible that you haven’t heard about amazing David Laufman and his comic or popular chibi artworks of our favorite heroes. This talented man is a professional artist and creator of RuinWorld – all-ages comic about wild adventures, dangerous creatures, and vast treasures. For over eighteen years he’s been drawing professionally and currently, he’s doing freelance design work for Marvel, Warner Bros., Mattel, and other major toy companies. Also, he illustrated three children’s books for Disney/Marvel. Currently, he’s designing Marvel’s Super Hero Adventures Line. There are so many things we would love to say about this glorious artist and it’s just not enough, so we decided to share with you some of his original art, freelance work, adorable illustrations of superheroes and video-game characters. Be free to scroll down and enjoy, but if you fall in love with some of these, just head over to his Instagram and official website where you can order prints and other goodies.

Joker – stunning original artwork


Chibi Batman

“You know nothing, Jon Snow.”


TMNT – Heroes in a half shell!

Legend of Zelda

Goku from Dragon Ball


It’s Demogorgon!

Ripley vs. Alien

Remember He-Man?

Red Sonja


Fan favorite Star Wars heroes

“Well done, Cap!” – MCU chibi superheroes



Samurai Jack

The Flash

Played Overwatch? Meet D. Va.