Plants and Animals Inked Delicately by Mary Tereshchenko

Tattoo artist Mary Tereshchenko is currently based in Kyiv , Ukraine and creates her very own unique patterns then inks them neatly on skin. She generally designs plant illustrations, minimalistic animals and other geometric tattoos. She has some strict rules about her work; she applies one designs except couple or sibling tattoos and she never inks some body parts like fingers, feet, face and other places where they won’t look good or won’t remain in good condition. She also gives the following information about her ink art; “I don’t do works in color, don’t do texts and different trendy stuff since I’m against cliché. I think that tattoo is a form of art. I create design during the session or you can pick from already available works.” Mary Tereshchenko is one of the most gifted artists of the tattoo world. Her portfolio consists of various imposing ink patterns that you must see before your next tattoo appointment. You can see some of her magnificient designs by scrolling down.