Masterclass Makeup Optical Illusions by Fascinating Nicky Hill

Nicky Hill is a 27-year-old self-taught makeup artist who has rocked the Earth with her designs 4 years ago for the first time, but that story didn’t end too well for her. As a young artist, she made the mistake of not adding a watermark to her photo. The same photo went viral, being shared on hundreds of platforms, by millions of viewers. To this day, it’s still circulating around the web, and she never gets her deserved credit for it. “It threw me off massively. I stopped believing in myself and fell off the makeup wagon for a while.” As the pandemic lockdown came, so did her inspiration and her creativity was reignited once again. This time the story ends well. She’s been working with makeup for over 7 years now and believes once again in herself. She’s hoping to become a full-time professional makeup artist, and she’s on the right path. The entire process for her feels therapeutic and she loves everything that’s making people stop in confusion. “What are they looking at, how is that possible” effect is her favorite part of creating, and sometimes it takes even longer than 12 hours of high concentration, attention to detail, and right shading to achieve such optical illusions. Kudos, Nicky, we salute your passion and your masterful work!

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By Nicky Hill Artistry

Photo credits: Nicky Hill Artistry

4 years ago Nicky’s work went viral for the first time.

Unfortunately, she didn’t add a watermark on it and she was never credited for it.


Not being recognized for her work made her stop believing in herself and even quit makeup art.

Yes, this is her actual face. Incredible!

But with a pandemic lockdown also came her inspiration and passion, and she was back in business!


With her partner Adam always by her side, believing in her and helping her with ideas, she was once again on the right path.

Nicky put all the pieces back together and added more to her art!


She loves when people stop completely confused by her work, being unable to comprehend it.

She hopes to become a full-time professional makeup artist one day. Help her achieve her dream by following her Instagram profile.


She’s been practicing for a while her shapeshifting abilities. – Angelina Jolie.

Lady Gaga


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