Epic Smoke-Breathing Mechanical Dragon – Halloween Decoration

When you have a 5,9 feet tall dragon you don’t care about seasons, you simply decorate your front yard with it. Obviously, its intent is for Halloween that’s wickedly coming our way. The incredible gray beast is a mechanical smoke-breathing dragon that will be the main attraction of any street. Home Depot sells the dragon for $399 and also sells separately the smoke machine for $70. The monstrous decoration is 69 inches in height by 51.5 inches in width by 94.5 in depth. It can move its mouth and roar through the built-in speaker. The dragon also contains LED lights in his eyes allowing the beast to become the terror of the night. The assembly time is around 30 minutes. And finally, the regular AC plug plus 3 batteries are required for the creature to arise in its full glory.

More info: Home Depot.

Photo credits: Home Depot

5,9 feet tall dragon sold at Home Depot

Price is $399

Photo credit: Flint Thornton
Photo credit: Flint Thornton

Its eyes glow in the dark

It can move its mouth and roar from the built-in speaker

It really doesn’t need to be Halloween for you to display this epic beast

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