Meerkat and Chartreux BFF’s Win the Internet Today

Meerkats are not cats at all and they are wild animals living in Africa. Russia is quite opposite with such cold weather, yet 45-year-old Ekaterina Kuraeva lives there together with her cat Nice and her Meerkat Surya. Kuraeva adopted Surya from Moscow zoo, not wanting it to end up as an ‘office toy’. The behavior of meerkats is that they move in groups, but Surya has a gang of her own. The best friend in the world a Chartreux cat named Nice. They’ve met when Nice was 2-years-old and Surya was just a tiny fluff baby. Immediately they’ve grown fond of each other. Their relationship has been documented on Instagram which Kuraeva updates each day. Even though Surya loves Nice so much she still needs to be the one being petted. If Kuraeva shows too much attention only to Nice than Surya will jump on them begging to be petted too. Make sure to visit their incredibly adorable Instagram for more.


This hilarious duo lives in St. Petersburg, Russia

The Chartreux cat is named Nice, and meerkat is Surya


They’ve met when Nice was 2-years-old and Surya was a baby


They’re inseparable

They sleep together


They sleep on each other’s butts

They’re sometimes just super cool

Sometimes they hug each other to sleep


Visit their Instagram for more fun clips and photos

Via [boredpanda]