Meet Bacon, the Dog of Thousand Facial Expressions

Meet Bacon. Yes, the rescue mix between Pekingese, Dachshund, and Chihuahua is named Bacon. He seems to feel many feelings relatable to us humans. He’s taken Instagram love from more than 18k of followers in just a couple of weeks. Bacon has a little buddy pal who likes to wake him up every day, but grumpy Bacon wants none of it. Bacon often plots vicious ways to get his revenge on his little doggy cousin who actually likes him so much. Follow Bacon on Instagram to see more of his priceless expressions every day as the owner keeps his page very active.

Hiding after watching a horror movie


Breaking diet by tasting nutella after a long time

If you wake me up one more time…

When you know you’re about to get the greatest present of all time


When you’re friend has embarrassed you enough for the evening

Plotting a revenge next to your victim

Wasted – friends about to draw bad things on your face

Got drunk bad, woke up next to a girl that looks not the way I hoped


Wisdom bursting out of your eyes

When you’re Obi-Wan Kenobi

When on toilet

Watching Red Wedding


Cheating on exam

When you’re Samuel L. Jackson

You got half of my attention

Amm… Why are you all looking at me like that?!


When possessed

Cut the red wire!

Disappointed in the universe

I’m so going to kill you!


I can explain!

When you’re just not photogenic

While riding a motorcycle

When you forget your sunglasses