Meet Saratoga’s Charming Dogs Who Pack Walk Together Every Day Because of the Exceptional Dog Walking Service

Our hero of the day, Tim Pink, started the mid-day pack walk program in 2011. to help meet the needs of Saratoga’s dogs when they need it most – while their owners are at work. He founded Saratoga Dog Walkers – professional dog walking service in upstate New York. Saratoga Dog Walkers offers a wonderful opportunity for local dogs to walk as a pack together on a daily basis. This program gives humans peace of mind as their dogs with every walk receive socialization, exercise, interactivity, structure, potty time and affection. Also the contentment and a strong sense of community. By meeting these needs on a daily basis, we start to see more well behaved, healthy, and well-rounded dogs. The program works with the dogs’ natural instincts, to travel in a pack, but sadly, this primal ritual of dogs is something that most of our dogs never have the opportunity to do. But the lucky ones really enjoy their everyday routine and we have a chance to see how this works in a series of funny and very interesting photos on Saratoga Dog Walkers’ Instagram page.

Say hello to our little and not so little friends – man in charge with the pack #squadgoals


Soon, you’ll realize, it’s impossible for these fellas to take a bad photo

Looking sharp and ready to hit the road

Hey, Maggie! Sassy little Yorkie leading the pack in a big way


The Magnificent Seven?

Sunday walks in the park with weekend crew

New girl, Grace, enjoys being part of the pack

Another happy new girl – Sophie the Samoyed


As we said, it’s not paw-sible for those doggos to take a bad photo. Ever!

Walk+Work=31 Happy Dog

Favorite route and favorite places to stop by, take a break and make some nice photos

Rain or snow – there is no bad day for this squad


“So, what are we waiting for?!”

You wanna be their friend, right?

Big smile for the end – Saratoga Dogs Rules!

[via laughingsquid]