Comics About Mental Disorders by Sow Ay

A self-taught graphic designer and illustrator, and comic maker, Sow Ay, works as a freelance artist. He spends his days creating graphics and ads for the newspaper, illustrations, posters, comics, etc. But what caught our attention is his work about mental health. Sow Ay intended to let people know how mental illness feels, and it’s okay to feel like that, to send the message to people who suffer from some mental disorder that they are not alone. These creations appeared in various art shows, conferences and events worldwide but also on many amazing websites in over seven languages. We are so grateful for this artwork and want to spread the word even more. So visit Sow Ay’s Webtoons Comics and Instagram Page where you can find more of his art.


“I started drawing my thoughts as a person struggling with generalized anxiety, panic attacks, and depression,” wrote Sow Ay.

“I started these drawings because I’m really bad at explaining what’s inside my head, and explaining by drawing has always been a lot easier for me.”

“I’ve been living with mental illness for as long as I can remember, and it brings many weird and dark thoughts.”

You are not alone.

via [boredpanda]