Merging Faces of 2 Celebrities Into Hyper-Realistic Hybrids by Morphy_me

The photoshop wizard keeps his working process a secret but reveals that it takes him only 1 hour to finish one morph. Artist known on Instagram as Morphy_me now has over 100k followers that have endless requests for new combinations of celebrities for him to mix. “I never expected it would get popular like this, but I’m happy with it. I got reposted by big magazines, big accounts, and noticed by celebrities themselves, it’s just so crazy!” He’s been creating hyper-realistic hybrids ever since 2015. “I’m still doing the same process, but I added some steps to make the result more realistic. I want the morph to be more detailed and disturbing. So now I spend more time editing it, but post less frequently.”

Brad Pitt & Johnny Depp


Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams

Robert De Niro & Al Pacino

David Bowie And Kurt Cobain


Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom Holland

Daisy Ridley & Carrie Fisher

Christian Bale & Robert Pattinson

Jennifer Connelly & Winona Ryder


Jessica Alba & Ariana Grande

Harry Styles & Mick Jagger

Joaquin Phoenix & Heath Ledger

Tom Hiddleston & Daniel Craig


Bill Nighy & Bill Nye

Scarlett Johansson & Billie Eilish

Guy Pearce & Brad Pitt

via [boredpanda]