Mikaël Theimer and His Playful “Non-Traditional Portrait” Photo Series of Love

This French artist fell in love with photography because of the people his camera allows him to meet, the places it takes him, the situations it puts him in, the stories it uncovers, and how it connects with the world and it’s inhabitants. Somewhere in the middle, he met Marion Munez. Pair met in Montreal, where they both live and both of them moved here from France. Another love and we’ll talk right about this one. Theimer loves taking photos of his girlfriend but – here comes trouble, Marion is quite camera-shy, so our lovely couple invented a little game to make this more interesting. Whenever Theimer sees a scene he would like to photograph his girlfriend in, she has to find a way to hide her face. And all that we’re going to say is that Marion is more than good in this game, but see for yourself. Of course, besides this photo series, Theimer has a lot more to offer in his portfolio, so visit his website and Instagram Page.

“I love my girlfriend, and I’m a photographer, so I love to take pictures of my girlfriend, right?”

“I always, always have my camera with me, and as I’m very often with Marion, I use her as a model on many occasions.”

“Thing is, she hates to pose, and she hates to be in front of the camera.”

“Since she’s a very playful person, this became a little game between the two of us.”

“Whenever I see a scene I would like to photograph her in, she has to find a way to hide her face.”

“I find it results in much more interesting pictures than just “traditional portraits”.”

Via [designyoutrust]