Mind-Bending Body-Paintings by Wizardly Gesine Marwedel

What made me laugh is the FAQ section on the official website of super talented body painting artist Gesine Marwedel, actually, just one question was funny. “Is it tickling when you’re a model?” A: “No, mostly not, it’s awesome. It’s like a massage for 5-7 hours!” It really is a good question, since FAQ also explains how to become a model yourself. Now let’s focus on brilliant Marwedel and her art. She uses Cameleon bodypaint colors, to morph her subjects into hyper-realistic animals and other objects and surreal optical illusions. It takes her 4-7 hours and sometimes even up to 12 hours if the painting is more complex. Obviously, compared to painting on canvas, the artist finds body painting more difficult as models tend to move and have needs (warmth, food/water, toiled.) Marwedel also needs to understand the pose, shapes, lights, and shadows. Interestingly, before even starting a project, she tests the potential pose by herself in front of the mirror. A wonderful lady, Marwedel also studied Rehabilitation Science at university and have been helping sick children through creative therapies (painting and music). She has a book published on the topic of the therapeutic benefits of body-painting as well and you should check out her Instagram and official website for more information.

Body Paintings by Gesine Marwedel

Photo credits: Gesine Marwedel

You’ll need to stop to understand and fully appreciate these masterpieces painted on living models.

Let’s start easy with some easy-to-spot humans behind the paint.

Then let’s go a bit crazy and find a human here… The wings!


This is the artist’s favorite body painting she had created so far.

Hint: model is sitting with her back facing us.



Hope he’s ok.

This is simply incredible. 2 ladies and one man as models.

This one is over me.

Lovely wood textures.


If you wanna be a turtle just faceplant into the sand after 5 hours of being painted by Marwedel.

The woman is a wizard. Not an artist. A Wizard!

I give up. I see a head, a hand, but what’s the apple?!

You don’t see this every day.

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