Mind-Blowing 3D Tattoo Art by Jesse Rix

Prepare to be mindblown by these masterpieces inked down by the hands of Jesse Rix. Super talented and highly skilled, tattooer based in Keene, New Hampshire is a top demand these days as his unique work flows faster and faster via the internet. Specialized in realism, nature, and 3D/Geometric tattoo style, Mr. Rix creates stunning optical illusions using geometric shapes and perfect shadows. Usually, his 3D art uncovers another dimension beneath the bricks of cracked skin. Fantasy world and divine sceneries emerge underneath the top ink work forming his final product. Jesse reaches to Nature for all the inspiration he needs. He loves hiking, seeing new places and traveling. The beauty of the world gives Jesse more than he could ever ask for in terms of creative vision and the result is obviously a wonder! Please visit Jesse’s Instagram for more info.

‘I’ll just take this piece out…”

He had to push it

Hyper-realistic under-dimension breach

Beautiful scenery – Artist gets inspiration from Nature

Fantasy world inside this robotic man!

It feels like you could put your entire hand inside of her chest


via [boredpanda]