Miniature Cat Furniture From Japan by Okawa Kagu

IKEA first started pet furniture trend, but now competition from Japan caught up quickly with high-quality miniature furniture collection for cats. Okawa Kagu is a company behind these incredible little house fittings that will satisfy your lazy cats and your Feng Shui. Purpose of this project is to promote Fukuoka, Japanese area where professionals specialize in traditional crafts such as woodworking, glass, cutlery, and hardware. It’s a home of 150 furniture factories, thus growing into one of Japan’s capitals of the industry. Okawa Kagu created realistically looking scaled-down replicas of actual furniture, and it will be displayed at the city’s tourism and interior information center, Okawa Terrazza. Even though prices aren’t yet listed, you can still order your furniture by contacting Okawa Kagu here. For more information visit It’s about time your cat gets its own bed; you two have overgrown your mutual bed a long time ago.

Okawa Kagu followed up the animal furniture trend IKEA recently put up


Japanesse artisans crafted amaznigly realistic miniature furniture for cats

You and your cat have overgrown your mutual bed a long time ago

Now it’s time for your kitty to become independent in its own real bed


Its beautiful, intriguing and fits perfectly in your home

Your lazy cat will love it and will look classy as hell