Miniature Landscapes Based on Bike Trips Artist Took

When Dina Brodsky was 18 years old she discovered two passions in her life – painting and long-distance bicycling. She had put those two together to create astonishing miniature landscapes in her new series ‘Cycling Guide to Lilliput’ which if you’re London’s local you can see on display at the Pontone Gallery from the February 2nd to March 4th, 2018. Brodsky speaks about her artwork: “Long distance cycling tours became my preferred form of travel, a way to gather ideas and information for the next year of painting. Specifically, I was drawn to miniature painting, studying first Islamic miniature art, then medieval manuscript illumination, combining that with the classical painting techniques I learned through the years.” Incredible realism on circular composition represents her memories from her journeys. “I like to think that the reason my works have gotten so tiny over the years is that painting itself is partially an act of meditation. As it becomes easier to slip into that meditative state, the object I need to concentrate on becomes smaller.” You can buy some of her limited-edition prints from her Etsy shop.

‘Cycling Guide to Lilliput’ by Dina Brodsky


Brodsky combines her 2 passions – Painting and long-distance bicycling


Her miniature landscapes can be seen on display at the Pontone Gallery in London

Brodsky finds painting an act of meditation


She Studied Islamic miniature art and medieval manuscript illumination

And combines that knowledge with classical painting techniques


She sells limited-edition prints on her Etsy shop

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