Lovely Miniature Stone Paintings by Yana Khachikyan

Yana Khachikyan is a very talented artist from the capital city of Ukraine, Kiev. It has passed 4 years since she started painting on stones. From 2015 you can buy miniature artwork on Etsy and she’s working on new pieces each new day. Yana creates miniature paintings on the stone using oil and watercolor. It takes her from several hours up to a few days to finish one painting, depending on its complexity. “It is my passion. It’s something that I never get bored of,” Yana says. “I am enjoying it, I love sharing my art with other people and getting feedback – that’s where I get my inspiration and new ideas! I really believe that details make perfection, I am trying my best to achieve it. I am working really hard on the details. I think they are the most important part and they catch the eye of the viewer.” Today people rarely stop to pay attention and scratch a bit deeper under the surface. “But once they stop and take a look – they start noticing all these details and enjoying it, and this really makes me happy. I feel that it was worth it and that I made someone’s day a little brighter! Visit Yana’s Etsy store where you can get a beautiful unique stone painting and see much more of her art.

Miniature paintings on tiny stones by Yana Khachikyan

Yana started painting on stones 4 years ago

Now it’s her passion

She paints using oil and watercolor

She has a Etsy store where she sells her tiny art pieces

Yana is from Kiev, Ukraine

She loves sharing her work and getting feedback from fans

It fills her with joy and she draws inspiration from them