Ingeniously Witty – Short Minimalistic Comics by Karlo Ferdon

Karlo Ferdon is a Chilean cartoonist who found his greatest work in humorous, short, minimalistic comics. Inspired by ‘simple and direct humor present in cartoons, Ferdon joined the bandwagon of the most brilliant in the business. Ferdon believes that he’s capable to achieve a special connection as an artist via humor without words. And he’s not wrong. Forcing you to think just a tiny little bit to reveal the hidden message and pun in the same moment will fulfill you with amusement and a sense of satisfaction for solving the puzzle. His stories are extremely short, yet reach far, and you know that he needed to think a lot to create such an intelligent short comic. The quality of Ferdon’s work never fails to amaze. He’s capable to make his art accessible beyond borders and languages with just a few black lines. He knows he has the power to make people laugh and he wields his greatest strength with pride.

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Dino millennials

Photo credits: Karlo Ferdon

That tickled their funny bone

Juicy smooching


Micro selfie

Painful to couples and cat people


Tea pee


This is hard to blur at.

Cheating hand and a lover book hiding from a wifey phone.


From the day we are born.

Would blow my brains out if this would happen each morning.

Hide and seek


Ladies have to try so much harder in life to get to the same things compared to men.

Lego spooning is the way of life.

Corporate universe

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