Modern 2-level ‘Pavilion House’ By Pitsou Kedem

Suburban Tel Aviv has one of the most intriguing and modern Pavilion houses with a transparent pool of your dreams. Pitsou Kedem from Israel are the architects behind this magnificent ‘Pavilion House’. The interesting thing about this home is the first thing that you don’t even notice! The home entrance is from the second floor. Which means stairs go level beneath but the bedrooms underneath are perfectly filled with natural sunlight. The modern residential house is topped with a flat concrete roof. Sliding walls open to the courtyard and amazing pool with glass panel. Interior features all-black cabinets and walls with beautiful oak flooring and low-hung light fixtures to create a perfect balance. Even though half of the house is technically underground, due to glass lined voids, an atrium, and series of narrow windows across the walls, natural light is flooding the entire place.

By Architects from Israel – Pitsou Kedem


Located in the suburbs of Tel Aviv

Pool with a glass panel


Entrance is on the house’s second floor

Sliding windows open to the courtyard and pool


Black cabinets and oak flooring plus low-hung light fixtures

Narrow wall spreads for the natural light of the 1st floor bedrooms

Stairs take you down to bedrooms and a level beneath


Via [ignant]