The Time Has Come to Switch to Monkey Tail Beards, Or Not?

Let us introduce you to monkey tail beard aka cat tail, and quite often for some reason – lemur tale, the colored version if you want to become king Julien. We’re sorry for this post as well as for the previous one we’ve shared, the “Double Mustache Trend is a Stache Horror of 2021“. To have a big-time athlete rock this beard while playing baseball like Mike Fiers, the pitcher of the Oakland Athletics… It must say something about this trend actually becoming worldwide and I am scared to say but even possibly a trend that will stay with us for some time. Imagine the shift in beard game. Just walking down the street seeing men with monkey tails on their chins, all fine, nothing strange there… Fashion has its mysterious ways for example the giant powdered wigs, although that trend started due to certain diseases but still, just due to poor hygiene, and later it stayed as a cover-up for baldness and to show a class and how fancy you are. Maybe in a year or two, we’ll all be fools for not rocking the lemur tail beard. Who knows?

Lemur Tail beard, if you want to be king Julien


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“Regular” one, the Monkey Tail beard

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Pink Panther Tail version

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Young, but kind sir…

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Mike Fiers, the pitcher of the Oakland Athletics

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So, what do you think? Y/N?

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