Moody Atmosphere and Bright Colors in Tim Cha’s Portraits

Tim Cha, a talented self-taught photographer and digital artist based in Southern California is our new rising star. With his already recognizable style and a natural eye for a good portrait, Cha will never miss an opportunity to impress you. The atmosphere in his photography looks a bit darker and moody but the colors are still bright and bold, and the beauty of his models makes perfect contrast. Cha’s sessions are playful and limitless, he takes us on flower fields and captures every breath of that gorgeousness, but also finds a way to make brilliant images in closed spaces like libraries and coffee shops. We suggest you follow this young artist on his Instagram Page and seize more of that heavenly beauty he shares with the world.

Arts and crafts.


Strolling through an enchanted forest.


Grey Coat

“In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light.”

Natural affinity for trees.

She finally shed a tear.


And she possessed the light of all lights!

It’s always time for coffee.


Flower Power

Pierce the Heart


Step into her alluring garden.

Howl’s Moving Castle

Found an autobiography on Catherine.


Utilizing the least amount of layers as possible to obtain the result he wants.

“The tension in the air, you could cut it with a knife.”

The Antique Store

Spooky times.

via [photogrist]