Hilarious yet Sweet Photos of People Living with More Than 3 Pets

Have a glimpse of what it looks like inside the walls of families that share their lives with maybe too many pets? Though there’s no number for too many pets if you ask us, surely financially and especially spaciously our little buddies are a challenge of their own. A life with a pet is a happy life and more you have the happier you get and your BFFs will have BFFs of their own kind which will make them much more contented and independent. Artfido seems to be making a family pet squad contest for fans to publish their own furry friends and have a chance at an internet-famous glory through future published posts. If you’re interested get your camera and gather around your many pets for a legendary Kodak moment!


Imposter! No I’m not meouf!

Get him!

This is the best thing ever!


Real life Disney stuff right here

Red snow pack coming your way this winter

Day 3, the dogs still suspect nothing


Almost like a nightmare?


And she started napping all alone, the crew just joined the partey

The bed is for everyone

We fight for diversity


Soft kitty

via [artfido]