Beautiful Moscow Under Heavy Snowfall Turn into Magical Wonderland

The most beautiful architecture on a planet, lovers in a warm embrace, girl, and her neighbor Totoro all have been blessed by heavy snow from above and the fairytale has started. Photographer Kristina Makeeva made a good hand of winter spell that has been cast upon already stunning Moscow’s Red Square. The white wonderland aroused and Makeeva drew her weapon of choice and photographed these marvelous Kodak moments. The Cathedral of Vasily also known as Saint Basil’s Cathedral is the finest Russian architecture shaped as a flame of a bonfire rising into the sky and built by the orders of Ivan the Terrible from 1555-61 to mark the capture of cities of Kazan and Astrakhan from Mongol forces. Now, the cathedral is decorated with gentle snow and immortalized by the hands of Kristina Makeeva (official site).

By photographer Kristina Makeeva

The Cathedral of Vasily – Red Square, Moscow

Also known as Saint Basil’s Cathedral

There is no other building like this in the entire world

My Neighbor Totoro

Red Square under its winter spell

As queen Elsa

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