Mosquito Nightmare – Residential Complex Overrun by Exotic Plants and Vicious Mosquitos

Sprawling plants, pest infestation, post-apocalyptic sights, and mosquitos raising hell. These are the life conditions you’re being offered at the quickly forgotten paradise – The Qiyi City Forest Garden residential complex in Chengdu, China. The idea was to create a beautiful connection between nature and urbanism, even reducing air and noise pollution. The perfect fresh air seemed like the brilliant pitch in 2018, and in less than two years the entire complex was sold. For some reason, and we believe it’s the crazy mosquito invasion, barely 10 families moved in the Qiyi City Forest Garden, while the rest of the complex has been overrun by unattended exotic plants. Up to 20 different types of plants can be found on each balcony at least that was the story before. Now branches are sticking out, vines are crawling down, and mosquitos are ruling the world. The green sanctuary has been turned upside down. Would you still live in the Qiyi City Forest Garden residential complex?

More info: Youtube (news video).

Location: The Qiyi City Forest Garden residential complex in Chengdu, China


It’s a good idea to live close to nature.

But sold-out residential complex left unattended…

Can quickly turn into a post-apocalyptic sight.


There were 20 different exotic plants on each balcony.

Now, only 10 families live here and the city has been overrun by sprawling plants, pest infestation, and mosquitos raising hell.

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Would you still live here?

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It really does feel like someone or something is going to get you here…

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