Facepalm Struggle is Real When You Come Across the Most Idiotic Newspaper Headlines Ever

The ending fate of newspapers is closing in by the day. The digital world has won, but of course many especially older people still love the feel of the real paper in their hands while they relax with their morning coffee or breakfast. The number of employees in the newspaper industry is cut to half in the past 15 years. Today we celebrate the great old way of receiving the most important news by sharing a laugh with you. Some people are just not that bright and sitting in the wrong chair, while others are just overworked and tired, or maybe in love with their thoughts in the clouds. Whatever the reason was for these unexplainable low IQ headlines, we don’t care, we just love to laugh!


What was the thought process here?

I was one hell of applaud


Or… just leave it like this.

We need to come to see if it’s true.

Who would have thought?

You sneaky mom…


Everything is wrong with this one. Below it’s like a game show: is she alive, have you seen her? What?!

You know where you belong when you write a headline like this



Says who?

Be on the lookout for the self-killing fugitive.

Via [boredpanda]