20+ Most Unexpected Finds by Common People

A bullet in your corn? A small ecosystem on a glass ball? World War 2 diary? A Viking sword, yes these photos are all about those incredibly rare finds! You could play the lottery every day of your life and never win anything big. Some people play it just once in a decade and they are the ones who struck a jackpot. These photographs are the definition of unexpected. Many people go on treasures hunts. They buy metal detectors, after being bored of pennies, they buy a new one, a better one that can reach deeper into the ground. Yet, they never find anything worth to talk about. These people below have never looked for anything out of ordinary and that’s what makes these stories even more interesting and fun. Enjoy these lucky discoveries, and share with us in the comment section if anything similar has ever happened to you.

A small ecosystem on a glass ball


French bulldog-faced butterfly

Yup, don’t bite a bullet

Viking Sword!


First time opening a grill after one year

Still works

Giant pearl, 34kg, $100 million found by a fisherman


Quartz Found In Arkansas – Worth $4 Million

Girl finds sword from the Iron Age, 1500 years old

World War 2 diary

Message in a bottle


60 years old condoms

Sea shell with squid eggs inside

Found a pirate hamste


Pink grasshopper

Bunnies found right before mowing

Unopened 1941 Pepsi Cola

Blue Crayfish found in the mountains of West Virginia


Lucky bottle

Decade old banana from an old ski jacket

Lizard eggs


7 leaf clover

via [boredpanda]