Mother and Her Child – Animal Relationships, by Photographer Goran Anastasovski

The king of the camera, as London Daily Mail put it, Goran Anastasovski reached his world fame through his authentic photos of wildlife. Photographer from Macedonia, Mr. Anastasovski has been doing photography since 2006. After almost 15 years of capturing animals and their world, his favorite thing above all is displaying special relationships between them. “If you think that the relationship between a mother and a child is reserved only for people―you are wrong,” Anastasovski wrote.“With these photos, I want to show that in the animal world, the incredible bond between a mother and her child is the same or maybe even stronger than in our world.”>Many of his brilliant shots were published by ‘National Geographic’, ‘Daily Mail’, ‘Le Figaro’, ‘Nature best photography’, ‘Forbes’, ‘Independent’, ‘Insider’, ‘Telegraph’, ‘New York Post’, ‘China Daily’, ‘CNN’, ‘BBC’… He has touched many styles of photography from animals to, macro, landscapes, people, kids, sport, and much more which you can see on a well organized official website, and also on his Instagram.

Photo credits: Goran Anastovski

A smirk of loved one


Pst, mom, gotta tell you something…


Harold, I’m not listening to you anymore, I gotta child to feed. Go watch some David Beckham.

Scared ones always know where it feels the safest.


What?! I’m a mama’s boy!

Albino Wallaby

A hug too tight? Does not exist.

Such harmonic hues of black and white


Kiss on the forehead


Sweet child of mine

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