Photos Taken with iPhone 5s by Young Passionate Photographer from Algeria

“I have been shooting with my SmartPhone since I didn’t have a camera or even a good smartphone, but always shoot with what you got!” Words by a young photographer from Algeria responsible for this fantastic artwork you can see below. The name is Mounir Belmokhtar and he’s 19-years-old and extremely passionate about photography. Mounir doesn’t have a fancy camera but redeems it with his natural feel and the eye for raw emotions and creative compositions. In the search for immortalizing everything unorthodox and interesting to him, he finds beautiful hues in the streets of cities and beautiful nature. He feels free to explore different angles and approaches his photography style with pure love towards the art itself. Make sure to follow Mounir on his Instagram and help him get recognized faster as he aims to the top.

By Mounir Belmokhtar – aspiring young photographer from Algeria


He doesn’t have a camera so he uses what he has – iPhone 5s


Mounir is very passionate towards the photography


He’s only 19-years-old

He uses creative angles

Stunning close ups


To evoke unique emotion in each object


via [boredpanda]