Mum Makes Food Into Cartoon Characters to Make Her Son Eat Healthy

“Just a mum making my son’s healthy organic meals into food art,” as Laleh Mohmedi describes herself. Still, we all know she an amazing artist with a superb vision and cooking talents to admire. Candidate for the best mom ever, Laleh has just started quite a beautiful mother and son bonding YouTube channel where they get together to create these adorable dishes. With just over 400 subscribers and a world-class quality content, this is a channel you should check out immediately, and share your love and support to the most amazing mom ever. Here are few examples of Laleh’s dishes: Chuckie from ‘The Rugrats’ (Wild Australian Salmon with mash potato and vegetables), Spongebob (Organic scrambled eggs with flatbread, red capsicum and green beans), GOOFY (Roast chicken with wild rice, mash potatoes, broccoli, and tomato). Laleh even takes requests from her fans on Instagram. Join this beautiful family and enjoy healthy food!





Master Shifu


Edna E Mode

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse


Toy Story

Mad Hatter

Captain Hook

Carl Fredrickson



Heath Ledger – Joker

Will Smith


via [boredpanda]