Nature-Inspired Living Room Designs by Home Advisor

We go outdoors, camping, hiking, enjoying nature because nature beats any indoor environment with its beauty, fresh air, and honestness that evokes from us. The interior designers – Home Advisor, came with the idea to bring nature into the interior of a living room, and they did a splendid job. Using the same room, and wild color schemes from some of the most striking landscapes in the world, they’ve digitally implemented 6 different designs that will change the way you think about the decoration of your home. Palettes of nature proved to be very tasteful and complementing inside a living room area. The perfect example of how far this project can go can be the ‘Grand Canyon’ design. “The warm, saturated orange walls are designed to invite guests in, while the cooler blue suite offers a refuge from the inferno.” But the best part is the addition of houseplants – the cacti that take the living room to a completely different place with such vivid walls as background. The iconic colors of these landscapes, create a real ‘drama’ as Home Advisor loves to say. Please enjoy all of the designs below and visit the official website of Home Advisor to learn more about them.


This interior was inspired by the colors of the photo on the wall.

Photo credits: Home Advisor

As you can see now, these were the colors used to decorate the room above.

What do you think, how will the next room look like?

“Perfectly splendid” (as Flora would say).


I was very excited about this one!

Photo – Mount Fuji (Honshu Island, Japan)

Photo – Serengeti National Park (Northern Tanzania)

I was expecting yellow walls, but instead, they went with green treetops.


Photo – Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada)

Very pleasant tones. A lovely place to live in.

Photo – Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

It almost feels like you’re underwater. You could imagine fish swimming around you through the air.

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