Natured-Inspired Embroidered Bags with Floral Motifs and Stitched Forest Creatures

Russian artist Alexandra Goltsova crafts charming embroidered bags adorned with floral motifs and stitched forest creatures. Goltsova begins by hand-stitching her embroidery design onto lush velour fabric. Once complete, she then crafts the material into her signature teardrop-shaped bags and finishes them by adding decorative metal clasps and pretty chains. The artist always makes sure to select the background fabric so that the color complements her nature-inspired subjects. Check out Alexandra Goltsova’s Instagram Page for more charming bag designs, and head over to her Etsy Shop to purchase them for yourself.

Goltsova begins by meticulously hand-stitching her embroidery design onto lush velour fabric.

Cyanotype prints are created using an alternative photography process.

Technique from mid 19th century, that gives dark blue impressions, the color is called Prussian blue.

All Prints made by using some chemicals, sunlight, and local plants and flowers!

In one design, a stitched sprig of lavender looks pretty against the deep purple fabric, and in another, a garden bird stands out colorfully on deep navy velour.

The time Goltsova needs to prepare an order for shipping varies. For all details, see individual items at her Etsy Shop.

via [mymodernmet]