Famous Characters as Needle-Felted Mice with Clay Sculptured Accessories by Rachel Austin

One of the best needle felted animals you will ever see has to be by textile artist Rachel Austin. Better known on Instagram as TheWishingShed, she has just a bit more than 2k of followers yet obviously deserves much more. Fiddly work with tiny life-like creatures can take many hours to complete. It’s a passionate work and Rachel loves every second of it. Rachel shares: “I‘ve been needle felting for around 6 years now. One of the first animals I tried to make was a little mouse. Since then I’ve made literally hundreds of felted mice in all colours, shapes, and sizes! I thought it would be fun to dress some up as famous characters. I sewed the outfits from bits of scrap fabric, and sculpted tiny accessories from clay.” Visit artist’s etsy shop, Instagram, and Facebook.



Captain Mouse

Edmouse Scissorpaws

Mouse in Wonderland

Mouse Quinn & The Joker

Mouse Potter

Freddie Mousecury

Batmouse and Robin

Amy Winemouse

Assassin Mouse


Minnie and Micky

Hannibal Mouse

Little Red Riding Mouse

Ariel Mouse


Ziggy Starmouse

Mouse Krueger

Mouse Armstrong

Elvis Mouse


Mouse Chaplin

Marlin Mouseroe

Mouse Trek

Mouse Hepburn

Mouse & The Chocolate Factory

via [boredpanda]