New Tattoo Prodigy – Helen Fernandes and Her Tatuagens Peba

When someone is a multi-talented individual and also a tattoo artist it’s really weird to say how that person can’t draw or do it badly, but that’s the exact case with Helen Fernandes. This young lady is an unusual artistic soul, she draws since she knows about herself and truly enjoys it, she is a visual artist, a digital influencer, an illustrator. Fernandes even gives art classes, helping people to find their own style. Her works have appeared on mugs, bags, t-shirts, zines and comic books, she painted walls and created flyers for concerts, parties, and other events. She loves to customize her personal belongings and she performed some nail art. By specialty, Helen is a mechanical engineer. Yeah, it’s a long list. This unreal Brazilian has already gained a sort of a cult following for what she calls her tatuagens peba, which literally translates into “trash tattoos”. She created the Malfeitona Instagram page in 2017. In Portuguese, malfeitona means “badly done”. Now it counts over 57K followers with regularly uploaded photos of happy customers enjoying their new designs, it’s perfectly clear why her unique style is so popular. It’s genuine. Yet, it all started with her very close friends and just like that, people who weren’t her friends started asking for tattoos, so she charged them a bit to cover material costs. Later, friends of these people started contacting her as well, including other tattoo artists that liked her ideas and were giving her tips while she was working on them. Helen learned a lot and eventually, she got her own studio in her native city of Salvador de Bahia. She stopped bringing strangers to her house and wrapping the entire room in plastic. More customers have been appearing and this is where the artist is at now.

Helen never was into realism.


She’s always drawn stuff that’s funny, cute, unrealistic.


She doesn’t follow the “technical” rules of the craft.

It’s a number of things why people like her tattoos.

Stories that explain her tattoos help them relate to.

The entire experience of getting it is as nice as possible.


Helen spend as much time on her customers as they need.

They talk and develop ideas together.


Drawing makes her happy.

However, she never thought she could be an artist.


And yet, she’s been involved in art all of her life.

Behind the mask and everything else seen here – Malfeitona

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