Outlaw Photographer Sends Drone Over NYC to Capture Stunning New City Look

The photographic ode to his home-city by born and bred New Yorker, a talented daredevilish 17-year-old Humza Deas. A self-taught photographer has managed at that young age to already land a cover of New York Magazine, also earning his nickname along the way ‘Outlaw photographer’. Why such a notorious nickname you might ask? This young daredevil has climbed to terrifying heights just to capture city’s landscape from such angles, created unique and beautiful photographs. Now with a help of a drone, he’s cut down the risks but his photos are still maintaining and even reaching further in terms of quality and creativity. His trademark aerial viewpoint photography is simply stunning as you can see below and as well buy from the selection of his work through his online shop.

Nerve-racking selection of Aerial NYC photographs by ‘Outlaw Photographer’ – Humza Deas

Nickname comes from New York Magazine where he landed his first cover

As a young 17-year-old he climbed to terrifyng heights just to capture his beloved city from above

Now this daredevil uses his drone to do the climbing for him

If you wish to keep some of these for yourself visit his online shop

via [mymodernmet]