NOT Photography – Oil Paintings – Hyperrealism by Kei Mieno

When something’s otherworldy good, you could guess it’s from Japan. Just like the painter Kei Mieno, an otherworldy skilled phenomenon. A few people on Earth can oil paint hyperrealistic the way he can. By hyperrealistic, this time we mean as real as photographs! There is zero difference. There’s barely anything we could say to describe the awe-inspiring detail and the shadows Mieno is able to manipulate. It needs to be seen. 36-year-old, Mieno paints oil paintings since he graduated from Hiroshima City University College of Art in 2007. 10 years later, he won Hoki Museum Grand Prize Award. Besides oil paintings, the artist also practices watercolor as well as photography. The goal of Mieno is to inspire people, to prove what is possible, and his artistic hyperrealistic intention is also very specific. “Your emotions and perceptions alter the image’s colors and shapes. By drawing the colors, shapes and light as they are within me, I hope to convey all that cannot be conveyed by language.”

More info: Kei Mieno, Instragram, YouTube.

Perfect oil painting by Kei Mieno

Photo credits: Kei Mieno

Mieno teaches us in his video tutorials how he paints hair and eyelashes.

To realize this lady does not physically exist, that she was not there to be photographed but painted with a brush?!

The wrinkles on the clothes… Who would guess these clothes were not real?


Painting hands/fingers is one of the hardest parts. Mieno has zero problems there.

Pushing the boundaries.

The facial expression, the detail, the mood, perfect colors, the perfection never ends.


Mieno’s a true shadow master.

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