‘Nurse Cat’ Comforting Sick Animals by Never Living Their Side

The name of this hero cat is Radamenes and he’s a rescue cat with the biggest loving heart. The adorable feline was located in the first place by the animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Unfortunately, he was suffering from a critical respiratory infection, barely clinging to life with the smallest hopes for making it out alive. It was a miracle and Radamenes eventually recovered! What happens next usually is the process of healing up and finding a new home for Radamenes. It turned out he was priceless for the shelter and his loving touch and attention he gave to all the other sick animals made him a full-time member of its staff. Now he’s a nurse cat, helping other animals in need and getting them to recover faster. Radamenes possess a natural gift for caring hugs and sharing his love with cats and dogs that are struggling just like he was long ago. Cheers to this wonderful furry hero!

Rescue cat Radamenes is a hero like no other!


He sleeps next to sick animals in the shelter giving them comfort

Not too long ago he barely made it out alive surviving critical respiratory infection


Instead of finding him a new home, shelter gave him a new job!

A Nurse Cat – helping others through love and hugs to get well faster


Hail to the Radamenes!

via [catsoncatnip]