Ocean Atoll – Natural Harmony by Brilliant Amanda Tyburski

Amanda Tyburski: “I’m an artist that creates both abstract pieces, and topography maps using only hand chisels. This piece was hand-carved, hand-painted, then filled with epoxy to create depth.” More fascinating art pieces are for display on her website and we encourage you to follow her Facebook and Instagram which has even less than 1k of followers which is crazy for such talent. La Porte, Indiana based artist studied Geology at Eastern Michigan University yet she’d been working with the woodworking medium throughout art school. Combining the two she feels happy and directs her creative side into the perfect mix of her passion for Geology and art. “I create art that encompasses the beauty of the natural world.”

More amazing art pieces: Official website, Facebook, Instagram.

This is how it all started by the hands of Amanda Tyburski


Hand-carved, hand-painted, then filled with epoxy to create depth


Amanda studied Geology as well as working on wood throughout art school

She combines her two passions into her creations


Artist encourages you: “Feel free to reach out about these pieces, pricing, or pieces of different subject matter as well!”

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