Odd Cat-Memes Now as Digital Watercolor Art

Digital watercolor and cats are the specialties of Amelia Rizky aka Watercatlor. A mystery seems to emerge each time you look at her digital recreation, leaving you with wondering thoughts – could this and how could this happen in real life? Then you see the real photo of a mischievous cat and all you can do is laugh and fully respect the digital art by Amelia. The cat memes are endless as well as Amelia’s Instagram collection of them. You can even buy your Watercatlor collections now as merchandise online. At the moment the commission is open and you can order via DM on Instagram or Twitter. Make sure to join 200k followers on Watecatlor’s Instagram for an endless supply of joy.

Digital watercolor art by Amelia Rizky aka Watercatlor

Join artist’s 200k followers on Instagram for an endless source of joy

On Amelia’s Twitter, you can see all the illustrations and their real-life counterparts

The memes are ridiculously funny and they never stop!

At the moment commissions are open (DM artist for more info)

Being at two places at the same time

Just keeping them warm

I wonder if she has another cat silhouette on her belly

Artist has her online shop where you can get cat-meme merchandise

via [boredpanda]